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About The Professional Martial Arts Conference

The Professional Martial Arts Conference (PROMAC) is a national sport karate circuit primarily based in the United States.

The conference was designed by like-minded individuals with a similar passion for sport martial arts who were weary of the same inconsistencies and inefficiencies from tournament to tournament.

​Over the years, issues such as poorly trained officials, ineffective running of events, complex circuit ratings & rankings, and poor teamwork and promotion have stifled the growth of the tournament industry resulting in a steady decline in new competitor acquisition and retention.

In order for the sport to grow, a dynamic revolution in the way tournament promoters conducted the business of sports martial arts competitions was needed. As a result, PROMAC was founded.

The MISSION of the Professional Martial Arts Conference is to enrich the sport of open martial arts competition through the management and promotion of professional, efficient, customer-focused events.

Conference ratings are for PROMAC events only.